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Meet Renzo at Work

In the former Worcester County Courthouse, now under renovation,
Ascend’s robot Renzo painted new apartments in what will become Courthouse Lofts.

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Speed & Safety

We timed Renzo at the Courthouse, painting two walls in 9 minutes. Its speed comes with safety: with Ascend’s vision and sensing capabilities, Renzo adjusts when others are near, so that our systems work safely alongside your team.

Precise Coverage

With a 10 ft reach, Renzo paints standard walls from floor to ceiling. Adjusting for doorways and other irregular areas, Renzo brings precision application to deliver top painting quality in even the tight corners of your development.

Quality Finish

Carefully calibrated for finish quality, Renzo delivers clean edges with less masking. Alongside your team, Renzo achieves quality in commercial and residential spaces with smooth paint strokes that yield unprecedented finish consistency.

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